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PRESS RELEASE: The Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District Announces Anti-Litter Initiative

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District Announces Anti-Litter Initiative On Earth Day

The Southern Boulevard BID (SoBoBID) launches $15,000 anti-litter initiative to improve conditions in the Hunts Point and Longwood environment

The Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District announced an Anti-Litter Initiative in honor of Earth Day. The organization, which focuses on promoting the growth, vitality and visibility of the premiere commercial corridor in the Hunts Point & Longwood area of The Bronx, has allocated $15,000 to launch the initiative and will work with local stakeholders and sponsors over the following months to bring in more funding and expand its efforts.

The Anti-Litter Initiative has been launched to focus on and address the serious damages and environmental hazards that litter causes in and around the Southern Boulevard commercial corridor. This program will take a multi-faceted approach, focusing on assessing the specific sanitation issues, advocating for investment and cooperation from local stakeholders, and will take action to address the destructive behavior.

The Southern Boulevard Anti-Liter Initiative will:

● Provide businesses with anti-litter signage that is informative to the public on one side and educational for the business owners and workers on the other.

● Engage city-agencies and local organizations around the issue of litter

● Host clean-up events on a monthly basis and coordinate a volunteer clean up program that will provide community service opportunities for local youth

● Purchase new waste baskets that have lids to prevent overflow of trash

● Conduct outreach efforts and provide sanitation supplies for street vendors

“Unfortunately the litter that accumulates from commercial and residential properties and the increase of public foot-traffic turns our corridor into a generator of environmental damage- and we must address that.” said Larry Franco, Chairman of the Southern Boulevard District Management Association. “The community directly surrounding our commercial corridor suffers from our increased amounts of trash and litter. We must protect our land, air, and water- including the beautiful Bronx River, from becoming contaminated by our presence. I am thrilled that our organization is launching this initiative because we are passionate about improving the environment.”

“Litter seriously impacts our South Bronx environment everyday.” said Miles Burnett, Executive Director of The Southern Boulevard BID, “This initiative will provide us with a golden opportunity to engage our business community and property owners on this critical issue. Together we can make a safer community for all.”



Mike Bechtel


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