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Southern Boulevard BID Executive Director

Javier Medina, Sr.


Javier Medina, Sr. is a seasoned professional with a strong background in community development and urban ground operations. With a passion for fostering vibrant and safe neighborhoods, Javier has worked to develop cohesive strategies to address community needs in New York City neighborhoods.

Javier is the Executive Director of the Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District, leading a dedicated team to address the urban landscape in the South Bronx. In this rapidly developing and historic South Bronx district, Javier manages business development, ground operations, and public and private partnerships to enhance the overall quality of life for community stakeholders in the area.

Formerly, the Director of Ground Operations of the Bronx’s Third Avenue Business Improvement District, Javier implemented innovative ground operation programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life for organizational stakeholders. During his tenure at Third Avenue Business Improvement District, Javier managed a dedicated team of sanitation professionals, coordinated with interagency partners to address district operational matters impacting the South Bronx, and worked with community partners to implement public health solutions in the District. Notably, he reduced the illegal dumping on the street corners throughout the Third Avenue BID. He coordinated with the Department of Sanitation and local business to keep the corridor clean and free of graffiti. During his time at Third Avenue BID, he was charged with reaching out to organizations to coordinate a response to opioid overdoses in the District.

With an impressive track record of driving positive change and a steadfast commitment to community welfare, Jay Medina stands as a respected leader in the BID arena, continually striving to create thriving, inclusive, and secure urban environments.

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